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The Reverberant Group from Madhya Pradesh, India is one of the pioneers of education and training. It started its journey in the field of vocational training with the “Developers Institute of Computer Technology” which is affiliated to Vinayaka Mission University, MS University and Singhania University for their distance education courses. It offers UG/PG degree, diploma and certificate courses. It is one of the most well known institutes in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh which commenced Retail Education in these provinces.

With the objective of creating excellence in the field of higher education, now the Reverberant Group has come up with a journal called “The Global Journal of Business and Management.”This journal provides a platform to express the unexpressed. It aims to generate new ideas on business and management that will be accepted, appreciated and acclaimed globally.


The Global Journal of Business and Management:

One of the greatest inventions that have changed the course of history is globalization. Globalization has not only influenced the way we think and implement today but also the way we dream to shape our world in the future. Thus, globalization as a phenomenon does not have its tentacles spread only on the past and present. It has also reached and started to control our future.

No area of life in this age is free from the influence of it. Business activities are also not an exception. We are in an age when we have to forget local threats and start to think about tackling the global threats. We have to reach the global standards. We have to aim at global heights of planning and implementations. It is due to globalization that we have to compete with the whole world today. Also it is due to globalization that business competition has been increased in terms of both volume and intensity and that also manifolds. Such is the profound influence of globalization that in remote places in the world you can have an access to leading brands in every field.

Under such circumstances, it was not possible to work with the old theories which took birth in the pre globalization era. We needed new thought processes, new ideas, new concepts, new theories … we needed new ways of looking at the world … the globalized world.

“The Global Journal of Business and Management” aims to do exactly that. Our objectives are

  • To provide us with directions to find new destinations in this globalized world.
  • To provide us with new sets of psychologies required to cater to the globalized markets.
  • To help in initiation of new research areas sprouting as a result of globalization.
  • To keep the world coordinated as per the new age mantras of globalization.

It is time for us to provide a platform to think about the world as a whole and not in parts. We are all a part of a huge global community today that has immense potential for business growth. “The Global Journal of Business and Management” aspires to create that new world, a new time and a new set of values that will enable us to harness that potential for business growth.

In order to allow easy access to people around the world “The Global Journal of Business and Management” has been presented to readers/ subscribers/ followers in an electronic form.

We expect support from all of you to make this a success and reach it to readers all over the world … after all we have to cater to the “whole world” … that is the most important buzz word for sustenance in a globalized world.


From the Desk of the Editor – in – Chief:

My dear readers/subscribers,

A warm hallo to all of you.

On behalf of the GJBM family, I welcome all of you to the world of GJBM. It’s been a dream for a long time for us to launch a journal that will cater to the needs of the new globalized world. The entire team of GJBM had to work very hard to make this dream of ours convert into a reality. Now that it’s a reality, we have even more steeper targets to achieve.

A globalized world has its advantages and its disadvantages, its needs, its aims and objectives. GJBM aims to study, research and document these so that we can come up with new ideas, solutions and theories.

Please feel free to be a part of our GJBM family and help us and yourself in the expansion of it. We hope to reach even the remotest corners of the world and make it truly a globalized world … one world and one community. That dream of “The Global Journal of Business and Management” will be incomplete without you.  That’s your importance in our GJBM family.

Hoping to give you some real enthralling moments of reading.

With warm regards,

On behalf of The Global Journal of Business and Management,

Dr.Aamarpali Puri Roy

Editor – in- Chief.


Rules regarding submission of manuscript for publication

  • The manuscript submitted for publication in the journal will have to be an original one which was previously not published anywhere else. The author has to give a declaration about this to the Editor – in – Chief through mail.
  • The manuscript should not be a plagiarized one. It should contain the author’s writings only. Proper citation should be done for matters taken from other sources.
  • The author has to take up full responsibility for the writings and opinion expressed (if any) by him in the manuscript. The journal cannot be held responsible for the writings or the opinions in the manuscript.
  • The decisions of the Editor – in – Chief will be final about decisions on publication of the manuscript submitted.
  • For submission of the manuscript and its publication, the author has to mail the original manuscript along with the signed and scanned copy of the declaration form, to the Editor – in – Chief. The contact details are provided below:


Editor – in – Chief

The Global Journal of Business and Management

E – Mail ID: editor.theglobaljournal@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 9051220005


Important Announcement

Authors are invited to submit with us their writing (Full research Papers and Communications, Reviews and Book Reviews).
Journal accepts only electronic submissions. The text, tables, and figures should be included in a single Microsoft Word file (Arial font). Author can submit it as an e-mail attachment to the editor.theglobaljournal@gmail.com  The cover letter must include the corresponding author’s full address and telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address. Manuscripts submitted to Reverberant Publication will be editorially reviewed for appropriate content; submissions will be accepted and published at the editor’s discretion.


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