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From the Desk of the Editor:
Dear Readers,
With the passage of time, we have reached the second issue of GJBM. We started at a time when our eyes were flooded with hope and aspirations. With the second issue of this journal getting ready, our eyes are flooded with responsibilities.
This is a very crucial time in world business, trade and commerce. Business growth has taken a dip in many parts of the world since 2008 including the developed nations of North America, Europe and Japan. With the spread of terrorist and fundamentalist activities across vast zones covering Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the under developed African nations, business has failed to thrive in these places. As a whole, the world is going negative on business growth. This is a crucial time as only a few countries are there who are driving the global economy. India is one of them. A continuously expanding domestic market, rise of a strong middle class with purchasing power and spread of skill education has changed the business scenario in this country. And, that makes India the place where the world wants to be in this century for business. But India also has stiff challenges to meet. India has to remember that she is a part of the world. When there is darkness in the world, India cannot be an oasis. In today’s age because of globalization we are all connected. Yes, it is true that business wise some nations are doing it better than the others. But it is also true that nations like India who are doing considerably better cannot keep themselves away from the effects of recession and dip in business in other parts of the world. We all are connected in whichever part of the world we may be and that is the essence of business in today’s age. Globalization has brought in similar trends in business in almost every nook and corner of the world. So it may not be long when India despite many favorable factors, may still come under recession thereby taking the world deeper into the hole from where it is making its best efforts to come out off. So what is the solution to this problem? We have to keep ourselves awake to the need of the situation. This is the time when we need to remind ourselves that the human civilization is the result of efforts of millions of years. Advancement of business and business studies did not start with the formation of the B- Schools. This is also the result of the hard work of a few generations. This is the time when we need to remind ourselves that connectivity of the various parts of the world through business has to be maintained for our survival. We have to teach ourselves in the words of Gandhi that this world has enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed.
Best regards,
The Global Journal of Business & Management
(A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)

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