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Dear Readers,

We are happy to welcome you to the world of “The Global Journal of Business & Management”, a journal i.e. expected to make a difference to the way we think about management and business. “The Global Journal of Business & Management” aims to explore newer avenues of management and business research, bring in changes in the way the world thinks about implementation of management and business theories, and catalyze the process of evolution of management thoughts and help in the analysis of business statistics. It aims to create a platform where interactions can take place between writers, scholars, thinkers and readers … a platform which is expected to give birth to newer and newer business theories, ideas and thought provoking writings. It aims to fill in the gaps between the requirement of business ideas and generation of it.

In this age of globalization it is seen that business opportunities may have grown many folds but business threats have also not lagged behind. Starting from economic recession to lack of supply of skilled man power, from complications in international business norms, rules and regulations to growing hazards in transport and communication, the world of business continue to get more and more complicated. “The Global Journal of Business & Management” is targeted to think and provide solutions to such problems. It aims to a creation of new business opportunities, analysis of the political, social, economic and technical factors that can trigger the subsistence of businesses even in the stiffest of circumstances.

We, at the “The Global Journal of Business & Management” are also committed to our vision of spreading the importance of management and business studies. We hope to create, with help from eminent scholars, teachers, thinkers and readers like you, a society where business knowledge would be respected from all quarters and there would be freedom for research on every possible area of businesses, which in turn will allow us to emerge as a provider of not only theoretical knowledge but also as an implementer of the business ideas … something that is believed by many to give birth to the new age global business policies which can rule the business world in the ages to come, in the times when recession will be eradicated from the world forever and benefits of economic development and independence will reach all sections of the human society.

“The Global Journal of Business & Management” wants to prove to the entire world that management and business are far stretched beyond the supply and demand game, the commercial laws that govern business and the principles that set up the foundation of a sound management. This journal will make an effort to prove that management and business studies are not independent from the control of sociology, history, economics, geography, politics, civics and other inexact sciences. This journal will be your ultimate business partner, your ultimate management and business guide.

On that I am welcoming you to the world of “The Global Journal of Business & Management”. Let us all make this endeavor a grand success.


The Global Journal of Business & Management

(A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)



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