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Dear Readers,

A new year, a new dawn, a new ray of hope and a new issue of GJBM that is how the commencement of 2017 can best be described. It has been a year that we started our journey. Really time flows so fast. GJBM is now a year old. It was a tough battle last year at this point of time when we started the operations. Since then life’s been amazing. New issues, recognition, new writings, scholars getting an opportunity to view other’s works and thoughts, appreciation from all quarters, hard work for the operations team members … to sum it up all it was a wonderful journey. All of us associated with GJBM enjoyed every moment of this journey. When we started this journey we never imagined to be where we are today. Dedication and just more of it has done wonders for the operations team.

And of course, the readers and followers were always there from the very first day. Without you all, not an inch of this journey would have been possible.

It’s February. It’s that time of the year when we make plans for ourselves, for our families, friends, work, business, studies and so many other things. I mean to say that we make plans for the New Year that has arrived. But we do not make plans for what we are going to learn this year. Are we all afraid of learning? I personally do not think that we are afraid of learning. I think we are just better when we are relaxed and within our comfort zone. Learning is a tiring process. You have to break yourself into fragments and then sometimes also throw away a few fragments and create/ collect new fragments to replace them. It requires a lot of energy shading. Isn’t it? That’s why it is the tendency for most of us to avoid learning and carry on working with the existing knowledge that we have. In today’s globalized world everything is changing and that also so fast. It is not possible for us to sit back and relax. It is the age when learning and continuous learning is the key to our success. I have seen successful getting success only because they continue to learn and not because they are highly intelligent. Learning will provide you with knowledge. Knowledge will help you to understand the standard and then innovate. Innovations will get you appreciation and monetary benefits. Learning is the key to success in this age. So at this time of the year let’s plan to learn. Let’s have a great year ahead.

On that note, I wish you a Happy New Year and a great year of learning.

Best regards,


The Global Journal of Business & Management

(A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)



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